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Welcome to Football War Room!

You are the Owner / General Manager of a professional football franchise.
See if you can build a roster that can win the coveted Mega Bowl!

How to Play (for those who like to read directions)

Select Your Franchise

Pick from any of 32 available professional football towns.

Name your General Manager and hire a Head Coach

You'll have eight coaching candidates to choose from. Choose wisely, a good head coach can be worth a couple points a game. A bad head coach can cost you. Don't be afraid to fire a coach who isn't getting the job done!

See Your Spring Roster

This is the team you have acquired. It's probably not very good. It's your job to build it into a Mega Bowl champion.

Players are graded on five skills: Run Offense (RO), Pass Offense (PO), Run Defense (RD), Pass Defense (PD) and Special Teams (ST). Skills are always listed in that order. Offensive players will have RO and PO, defensive players will have RD and PD, all players except offensive linemen, defensive linemen and quarterbackswill have special team skills .

You also see the age and contract years of each player. Players can get better until age 25, at age 30 their skills will begin to decrease. Hint: Don't commit long contracts to older players. Players on your roster with zero contract years are free agents and are marked by an asterisk.

At the bottom of the screen you will see Squad Ratings which reflect skills on a team level. These run from 0 to 5 stars and can be used as a general guide of needs for signing free agents and drafting college players.

There are roster minimums for the regular season. You are required to have 1 quarterback (QB), 2 running backs (RB), 2 wide receivers (WR), 1 tight end (TE), 5 offensive linemen (OL), 4 defensive linemen (DL, 3 LB, 4 DB, 1 punter (P) and 1 kicker (K) on your final roster. Keep these in mind.

Free Agency

Your Salary Cap Guru provides you with sixty million in salary cap space each season to spend on Free Agents. Use as much as you can, it can not be carried over.

Free Agents are listed by position. Your team's free agents are marked with an asterisk. You will see their skill levels, age and yearly asking price. Your team's free agents will ask for slightly less for their skill level to stay with the team - so give them first consideration. You can offer free agents contracts from one to five years in length. There is no negotiation necessary. Offer what they want and they'll sign. Contract length is multiplied by yearly asking price to calculate the salary cap hit for each free agent. Spend as close to sixty million dollars as you can. You will not be allowed to spend more than sixty million.

Go back and forth between the Free Agent list and the signed free agent screen until you are satisfied with your selections.

Prepare for the Draft

Here is your post-Free Agency roster. You must now have at least 32 players because you can only draft eight. If you don't have 32 players, you must go back to free agency and sign more. Review your roster to plan a draft strategy.

It's Draft Day!

You now participate in an eight round college draft. Available players will be listed with positions, skills, college and age. There are no salary considerations for the draft since these signings are covered by the rookie salary cap. Don't forget that a 22 year old can develop more than a 24 year old. As you draft, you will see your picks for the previous rounds. After Round 8, your draft will be graded by the pundits.

Training Camp

Time to make cuts and get down to a forty man regular season roster. Use the squad ratings as a general guide to where to cut. Don't forget position minimums. You can't play football without a quarterback.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

When cuts are done you will see your final 40 man roster and be given the choice between playing the season one game at a time or fast playing the entire regular season in one click. The choice is yours. You compete in a four time division where the division winner advances to the playoffs. Ties are decided by total point differential for the season.

Post Season

After the season is over, you go through the playoffs - whether you are in them or not. Don't be a bad loser. Three rounds determines who wins the MEGA BOWL.

New Season.

It's a new year! Your players are all a year older and their contracts a year shorter. Depending on age, some player skills will have increased and some decreased. You now have the opportunity to make a head coaching change if you like. You also have the opportunity to retire and join the General Manager Hall of Fame.

If you don't retire, the season continues with free agency and you can keep on trying to win the MEGA BOWL.

View the General Manager Hall of Fame

Football War Room
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